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Welcome To The Best X Massage

The Best X Massage proudly brought and introduce Jakarta Extra Services Agency as the first pioneer of modern website for escort and massage service from Jakarta. The Best X Massage was born from a very simple idea from an amazing young lady who’s trying to make her first step into the world of business and to be succeed and keep moving forward till present was not reached by passing a smooth tales, The Best X Massage was been in a situation of up and down.

To survived and reach our goal, The Best X Massage manage the customer satisfaction to be our top priority. Started by a simple management and warm development of intern relationship in the agency created a social environment likes family between the agency and our staff.

The Best X Massage realized to be survived in the rough competition bussiness, the agency have to keep evolving by producing fresh ideas of services, maintain to spreads our wing’s and manage to give birth of a new industries that will bring the same spirits as the agency.